Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Dreamscaping VR

The other day I was reminded to check my stats in VRChats and I was pleasantly surprised that my VR World Tranquility Dream Base, based on an instrumental album called 'eClips of the Mind' has seen over 11,000 visits and over 500 people favourited it! An artist's greatest joy is seeing people absorb and enjoy their work. Thanks to all those visitors for checking out my dreamscape! There is a great community of people on VRChat one of the earliest true VR headset platforms I know of.  

This was one my first attempts to sculpt a world from scratch, using the Oculus inMedium app on my Rift. To this day, I think it is still one of the most valuable artists' tools available for VR. It is a bit tricky to optimize the exported sculpts but MeshLab does a reasonable job of reducing polygon count and preserving the forms.

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DreamscapingVR is about my efforts to create a distinct genre of VR devoted to wonder and wandering through artistic landscapes of music an...