Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Dreamscaping VR

Probably one of the most practical and innovative VR platforms to emerge in the last few years is one that is now available as a Quest2 App called - One cannot say enough about how this platform revolutionizes real-time presentations, 360 recording, media streaming, monetization gateways and creates an opening for all those with imagination seeking to explore all of VRs potential in one very cool application. For those who take out an Enterprise License, it is particularly useful and customizable as you can build and import worlds from Unity3d and create numerous venues for all kinds of presentations, tutorials and simulations. 

Recently, in my work with BurrCastleXR we were able to stage a rather unique Search and Rescue Simulation whereby people came in and were dropped off throughout our most massive landscape BCXR Central. Pilots were brought in about 30 minutes later to attempt to find these people who literally looked like ants from the air. It was all in good fun and of course our after-parties in BurrCastleXR are always a free for all.!

Special thanks to Bryan Burr our CEO and Jared for helping host this event, as well as Daniel Dyboski-Bryant of Educators in VR for promoting it and of course Chris Madsen, my new friend and Troy and Jared for manning our helicopters as pilots, everyone was found and it may happen again soon!



VRChat has a new link to a feature for creating a custom avatar and it is pretty cool. It is called check it out!

Screenshot is from my VR world  '10001 Dreams V2Plus' based on the album of the same name by yours truly, Paul Marcano and LightDreams, recently re-issued on Vinyl/CD/Mp3 download and available at Got Kinda Lost Records!

* Within VRChat This world takes a little while to load before the frame rate settles down to anything acceptible even in a tethered headset, but worth the wait!



Virtual Reality (VR) is unlike any tool of perception that we have seen before and yet, the first-time experience is of this incredibly familiar sense of presence and immersion. It is highly potent and one of the wildest and diverse sharing experiences of all time. In a weird inversion of the Star Trek world's Holodeck, who knew we would not need a special room, but rather just wear this new spatial awareness on our head for the ultimate first-person immersive experience!

Dreamscaping VR

The other day I was reminded to check my stats in VRChats and I was pleasantly surprised that my VR World Tranquility Dream Base, based on an instrumental album called 'eClips of the Mind' has seen over 11,000 visits and over 500 people favourited it! An artist's greatest joy is seeing people absorb and enjoy their work. Thanks to all those visitors for checking out my dreamscape! There is a great community of people on VRChat one of the earliest true VR headset platforms I know of.  

This was one my first attempts to sculpt a world from scratch, using the Oculus inMedium app on my Rift. To this day, I think it is still one of the most valuable artists' tools available for VR. It is a bit tricky to optimize the exported sculpts but MeshLab does a reasonable job of reducing polygon count and preserving the forms.

DreamscapingVR is about my efforts to create a distinct genre of VR devoted to wonder and wandering through artistic landscapes of music and art. The Dreamscaping Series is being developed for the Oculus Quest headsets. 

If I do ask for donations I find it easier to receive such welcome support through an exchange of my creations themselves, either through the simple purchase of a song you may like or by purchasing and  installing my VR apps onto your headset. The versions I release are literally updated as I work on them and in a sense, that process can take a lot of time, like a series of fine art paintings I am working on simultaneously, only now, you can enjoy the development phase as it all unfolds through updates if you purchase early.

The projects presented here are in many cases ongoing, much as my song writing, going back decades, songs you can sample or purchase from within my own little randomized jukebox of singles, at - Ultimately that is actually the best way to support me and get immediate finished product. If you can believe it, for every dollar you spend on my work, it represents 25000 streaming royalty returns. Clearly it is a better immediate deal for artists if you purchase their work.

My Dreamscaping Series represent a collectors' set of full albums of music, usually themed, like my first Quest2 App called Islands in Space VR based on a limited edition vinyl album that was re-issued in 2016. If you open up the YoutubeVR app and use the search words 'Islands in Space VR Tour' you can enjoy  a first glimpse.

My apps are available at and can be installed using the free software SideQuest.

BONUS: If you have a Quest that is Airlink or Link capable to a computer my worlds can be previewed in virtual reality, on the VRChat network of fine virtual realities if you search 'Artist3d' - this is also a great place to meet and chat at my Artist3d's Beachside Hub, I always enjoy giving people personal tours of my music worlds. Unlike my app development, these worlds are not optimized for mobile devices, so some kind of tethered headset is required.

DreamscapingVR is about my efforts to create a distinct genre of VR devoted to wonder and wandering through artistic landscapes of music an...