Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Dreamscaping VR

Probably one of the most practical and innovative VR platforms to emerge in the last few years is one that is now available as a Quest2 App called - One cannot say enough about how this platform revolutionizes real-time presentations, 360 recording, media streaming, monetization gateways and creates an opening for all those with imagination seeking to explore all of VRs potential in one very cool application. For those who take out an Enterprise License, it is particularly useful and customizable as you can build and import worlds from Unity3d and create numerous venues for all kinds of presentations, tutorials and simulations. 

Recently, in my work with BurrCastleXR we were able to stage a rather unique Search and Rescue Simulation whereby people came in and were dropped off throughout our most massive landscape BCXR Central. Pilots were brought in about 30 minutes later to attempt to find these people who literally looked like ants from the air. It was all in good fun and of course our after-parties in BurrCastleXR are always a free for all.!

Special thanks to Bryan Burr our CEO and Jared for helping host this event, as well as Daniel Dyboski-Bryant of Educators in VR for promoting it and of course Chris Madsen, my new friend and Troy and Jared for manning our helicopters as pilots, everyone was found and it may happen again soon!


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